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Two Great Leadership Opportunities for Our Resident Members!

Interested in becoming a leader in emergency medicine? This is the perfect first step!

We are now accepting candidate nominations to run for Resident Member of the Ohio ACEP Board or for Resident Councillor. The Resident Board Member and Resident Councillor will be elected by majority vote of the Chapter's resident members in attendance at the Ohio EM Residents' Assembly, August 9, 2018 in Columbus.

Resident Representative to the Ohio ACEP Board

The Resident Representative to the Ohio ACEP Board will serve a one-year term, which will begin at the close of the 2018 Residents' Assembly and will end at the 2019 Residents' Assembly. There are 15 members of the Ohio ACEP Board. Ohio ACEP Board members meet four times per year.

The Resident Representative to the Ohio ACEP Board:

Resident Councillor

Ohio ACEP is also seeking a resident member interested in representing Ohio ACEP on ACEP Council, the representative body made up of ACEP's 53 chartered chapters which meets once a year for two days prior to ACEP’s annual Scientific Assembly. The 2018 ACEP Council will be held September 29 and 30 in San Diego, CA. Ohio ACEP has 15 Councillors, with one Council seat reserved for a resident member.

The Resident Councillor:

Interested? Here's how it works.

Candidates should send their:

  1. Name
  2. Which leadership position you’re running for
  3. Short biographical sketch—this is your campaign material! What do you want your fellow residents to know about you? Ohio ACEP staff will use your bio to make onsite candidate handouts.
  4. CV [as an attachment]
  5. A photo headshot [as an attachment]
  6. Completed Board Commitment Statement or Councillor Commitment Statement [as an attachment]

… to Laura Tiberi, Executive Director of Ohio ACEP by email at

Nominations must be sent no later than July 16, 2018!

To run for either of these leadership positions, you must be an Ohio ACEP/EMRA member, and it is highly recommended you attend the Ohio EM Residents' Assembly!

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