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International Trauma Conference

Saturday Keynote Session Focuses on Chemical Warfare Agents


International Trauma Conference
November 7-10, 2018
St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Closing Session Spotlight:

Matthew D. Sztajnkrycer, MD, PhD, FACEP

Presenting: Chemical Warfare Agents - Why They Are Still Relevant
Saturday, November 10 | 8:00 AM

Since 1997, the development, production, and use of chemical weapons have been prohibited under the United Nations Chemical Weapons Convention. Despite this, there has been significant use of these banned substances in the past 5 years, including chemical attacks against civilians in Syria and Iraq, and the use of nerve agent in the assassination of Kim Jong Nam. In the current security climate, EMS responders must be aware of recent trends in chemical weapon use, as well as research into clinical effects, counter-measures, and triage. Dr. Matthew Sztajnkrycer will outline management of pulmonary, vesicant, and nerve agents, as well as issues in personal protection and mass human decontamination. Participant discretion is advised due to graphic content.

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Hot Topics on the 2018 Agenda:

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