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EMS Agency Minimum Staffing on the Ambulance

Clarifications from the Ohio Division of EMS


Minimum Staffing Reporting Process

This memo is to clarify questions regarding the requirements for when an EMS agency can reduce to minimum staffing on the ambulance.

A PDF version of this form is linked here for your use. 


  1. EMS agencies must exhaust all efforts with current staffing, mutual aid agreements, and consultation with the local county Emergency Management Agency before falling below minimum staffing. 
  2. At least one certified EMT, advanced EMT, or paramedic must be monitoring the patient during transport. 
  3. The driver must receive training on the operation of an emergency vehicle, moving a patient on and off the cot and loading and unloading the cot.  
  4. The EMS agency’s medical director should be notified immediately if standard transport staffing is reduced to minimum levels.
  5. The Division of EMS should also be notified immediately in order to help assess the scope of any staffing shortages statewide.

EMS agencies must report the following information to the Division of EMS if ambulance staffing is reduced.  PLEASE email this completed form to

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