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Instructions for Collecting Contaminated PPE for Decontamination of CoV-2 at Battelle


Routine decontamination procedures have been established for N95 respirators. The procedure can be done up to 20 times per mask. Each mask will be marked each time it is decontaminated. 

All items must be free of any visual contamination (e.g. blood, bodily fluids, makeup) 

On-Site Collection/Marking 

1. Your organization should create a collection station. 

2. Each station should have one bag to collect N95 respirators. 

NOTE: Bags are for listed PPE only; do not throw gloves, paper towels or waste in the PPE collection bags. 

3. With a Sharpie, label ALL PPE with a three-digit site code and a 2-digit location identifier. The unique Site Code corresponds to your delivery address and has been assigned by Battelle. Your organization has designated the location identifier (2 digits) to correspond to a specific location/unit within your site. (see attachment for assigned site codes and site location ID

a. Label respirators legibly on the outside OR inside, per your preference. See examples below. 

b. Label face N-95 masks with agency initials, ie. Marion Police Dept. = MPD. 

____  ____  ____ --- ____  ____  
Site Code   Site Code  
(Assigned by your Battelle POC)   (Organization Assigned)  

Preparation for Shipment: 

1. Bags containing the PPE to be decontaminated by Battelle are to be closed.
2. Primary collection bag is placed into a secondary bag, which is then closed. 
3. Outer bag is decontaminated with alcohol or other suitable decontaminant. 
4. Bags are then placed into a box clearly labeled with a biohazard symbol, box label with number of masks contained in the box and taped shut. 
5. Outside of the box is labeled with the 3-digit site code and 2-digit location ID. 
6. Transport sealed and labeled boxes to your nearest OSHP post. 
7. OSHP post to relay boxes to District HQ for transport to OSHP Crime Lab.
OSHP Crime Lab Directives: 

1. Gather all boxes; complete one chain of custody form (provided by Battelle) per shipment, noting # of boxes. 

2. Coordinate with Battelle to arrange delivery to designated location. 

N-95 Collection Site Codes
  DYA Findlay District Headquarters  
  DYB Bucyrus District Headquarters  
  DYC Cleveland District Headquarters  
  DYD Warren District Headquarters  
  DYE Piqua District Headquarters  
  DYG Columbus District Headquarters  
  DYH Cambridge District Headquarters  
  DYI Wilimington District Headquarters  
  DYJ Jackson District Headquarters  
  DYK GHQ Fleet and Logistic Services  

Site Location ID

Findlay D1 Sheriff Office S1 Police Dept P1 EMS E1  
Bucycrus D2 Sheriff Office S2 Police Dept P2 EMS E2  
Cleveland D3 Sheriff Office S3 Police Dept P3 EMS E3  
Warren D4 Sheriff Office S4 Police Dept P4 EMS E4  
Piqua D5 Sheriff Office S5 Police Dept P5 EMS E5  
Columbus D6 Sheriff Office S6 Police Dept P6 EMS E6  
Cambridge D7 Sheriff Office S7 Police Dept P7 EMS E7  
Wilmington D8 Sheriff Office S8 Police Dept P8 EMS E8  
Jackson D9 Sheriff Office S9 Police Dept P9 EMS E9  
GHQ CL Sheriff Office SL Police Dept PL EMS EL

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