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ODMAP Available to First Responders

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) is currently working to increase the utilization of ODMAP across Ohio. All Ohio first responder public safety agencies are encouraged to utilize this program to allow for improved access to and sharing of overdose data across participating agencies. Already within Ohio, 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties have 278 law enforcement, Fire/EMS, and public health agencies signed up to utilize ODMAP. 

  • ODMAP is a free, web-based, mobile-friendly software platform that supports reporting and surveillance of suspected fatal and nonfatal overdoses.
  • The goal of ODMAP is to capture, display, and provide near real-time data to public safety and public health agencies, enabling them to mobilize responses to overdoses as quickly as possible.
  • ODMAP is available to state and local agencies serving the interests of public safety and health, including first responders and hospitals. 

Because the reporting is in near real-time, ODMAP can serve as a warning system for overdoses to help communities mobilize resources. It can be used to minimize fatalities by warning the public of bad batches and aid in preparing first responders. The information collected can be used to deploy overdose outreach and response teams to provide services and support to overdose victims, target naloxone distribution, prevention education efforts, and other programming to areas most affected by overdoses. 

If you have questions or would like more information on the initiative, please contact the ODH ODMAP Project Coordinator, Stacy Ell at For more information and resources, visit: 

To request access for your agency, visit: 

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